Sometimes, Love is not enough.

Love. What a wonderful thing. They say there isn’t a feeling more powerful than love. Love can conquer everything. Love can defeat hatred, sadness, even pain. Those negative feelings you keep inside of your mind each day ? Love can make them all disappear. Am i convincing enough ?

The truth is, as powerful as love can be, sometimes it’s not enough. So, we blind ourselves. We try to hide from the truth in order to keep living a life full of pretending. I have a question for you. Does that make you happy ?

At some point in your life, you’re going to meet someone you’re going to love so much that it will actually hurts. You’re going to fall in love and feel a roller coaster of emotions all at once. You’re going to walk through fire for them, with them, to prove your unconditional love to them. Challenge after challenge, you’re going to try and keep trying to make your relationship work, even though you know it would be easier to just give up and move on to something new. And then, you’ll fail.

How can you fail a relationship when you love the person you’re with, uh ? Well… Simply because love is not enough. Sometimes, things don’t work out the way we’d want them to. The circomstances of your life makes things seem impossible. So, you give up and give a chance to the person you’re in love with to be really happy. Without you. But it’s not really giving up. So, you stay away from them because you know that your happiness is loving them from a distance, knowing they’re more happy now.

It’s not really failling. Actually, it’s being strong enough to know how or when you have to do the right thing. All love cannot be lived or experienced and it’s okay. Some love can be left in the dark. That’s what makes love a beautiful thing.

So, when i say “love is not enough”, i mean this is not the way it ends. You can love someone, deeply care for them, but not be with them. That’s the strongest thing i know.

While it crushes your heart, you can also be happy for their happiness. You can learn to be happy on your own and finally, you can learn to love yourself. Because, even if you thought love could save you, the truth is, only you could save yourself. You have to. Nobody else can. Love is enough only if you learn to love yourself first.

In that case, love can conquer all.



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