Positivity is Powerful !


I have to admit it, 2017 came sooner than i expected. This new year meant new resolutions for me. One of them was to be more of a positive person. I tend to overthink a lot. So, i thought, “why not give it a shot ?”. I’ve read a lot on positivity over the past few months and stumbled across this quote:

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you’d never think a negative thought again.”

Your mind is such a powerful tool. It can give you so much strength and pain at the same time. Being positive is an everyday challenge in a world filled with negativity. It doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days or negative emotions. You will. Who doesn’t have those, honestly ? Being positive means trying to see the bright side of a situation. Your life improve when you overlook the bad things and stay grateful for what you have right now.

You can’t change a situation but you can change the way you think about it.  So, that’s why i’m choosing to be more positive. I don’t want some bad moments having such an effect on my life anymore. It’s a bad moment or a bad day. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad life. I don’t have time for all of this nonsense anymore.

I’m choosing positivity ! I’m a young woman with big dreams and i intend to make them true someday. With perseverance, consistency and hard work. Keep positive thoughts in  mind and keep going.

Positivity is the key.

Positivity is powerful.



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