When Anxiety rhymes with Fear

Fear. I wake up fearing something will go wrong. My mind is already on overdrive and some thoughts are scarier than others. I try to avoid them. But i can’t.

Fear. I drink my coffee thinking about the things i have to do today. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed. I try to breathe deeply. But i can’t.

Fear. It ran through my spine. I have a lot to do today but i feel like i’m paralysed. I try to think about something else. But i can’t.

I hate feeling like this.

Fear. I have to stop thinking about it and start doing the things on my to-do list. I just need a little push. I know i can do it. But i can’t.

Fear. The day is over. I didn’t do the things i was supposed to. I try not to be too harsh on myself. But i can’t.

Fear. I have troubles to fall asleep tonight. I’m disappointed in myself. I try to quiet my thoughts. But i can’t.

This is what fear feels like.

It’s there, almost all the time. Some days, i can’t do anything about it. Some days, i can. I tell myself that it’s okay.

I’ll try again tomorrow.



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