The truth is…


I’m not a brave person. I tend to hide behind excuses to avoid doing things that scares me because running away is easier than dealing with it in the first place. I’m not spontaneous. I hate the idea of being unprepared to do something. I fear the darkness. I don’t feel okay when i don’t see anything. I feel like i’m scared most of the time. I’m scared to move, to talk, to breathe. As if something bad is going to happen if i do.

The truth is i’m scared of the fear itself. 

I’m done feeling this way. At least i try not to. I try not to feel fear whenever i have – or want – to do something. I want to feel free to do things as i want, whatever they are, without being sick to my stomach or wanting to cry because it’s too much pressure.

The thing is, you can free yourself from fear. Fear is a prison. Fear is a powerful emotion. Fear is empowering. It can either reduce you to nothing or bring you strength when you think you’re not smart, brave or good enough to do something. Take time to really feel it. Embrace it and feel the power you can retire from it.

The truth is i’m scared of the fear itself.

The truth is i’m scared of the strength i know i have in me.

The truth is… You are an human being, full of emotions to feel only created to free yourself and stay free. The truth is, you have to believe in yourself.

“Fear doesn’t shut you down; It wakes you up.”

Spread your wings and fly as high as you can.

With or without fear.



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