No Gender. No Problem.


In the dictionary, gender is defined by “either of the two sexes – male & female – especially when considered with reference to social and cultural differences rather than biological ones.”. It’s a social construct based on the binary system, only including male & female.

Do you ever ask yourself what gender really is about ? Why do we put gender on pretty much everything ? Clothes, sexes, food, or even objects. A lot of things are gendered.

But, what is it really about ?

Why do we pay much importance to gender ?

When it comes to relationships, shouldn’t we be more interested in the person itself than its gender ? Should we care if our food has a gender as long as it satisfies our hunger ? Should we don’t give a fuck about gender ?

Everyone should be allowed to be free to label themselves as they want to. Or not use any labels at all. Or find a balance between both. Who cares ? It’s only up to you. No one should decide for you.

Gender doesn’t make sense most of the time. If people wouldn’t make such a big deal of gender, there wouldn’t be so many problems.



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