Dear First Love.

Photographie (87).jpg
Kelly Ro Photography – Flickr


For the last few days, thoughts of you were haunting me. I’ve found it was easier to write them down to you in order to clear my mind. Do you ever think of love ?

First Love. Isn’t it wondeful ? This exciting feeling of being free and loved ? We all have been there once. Unfortunately, First love comes with your first heartbreak. Not so wonderful. Even I, can admit it. I remember all to well.

We were in love. Or at least, I was. We met at a random time of our lives. The first person I fell in love with. The memories of the night we met is far in my mind but i still remember. The event, the music and the cheers surrounding us, the joy on everyone’s faces. You.

You charmed me with your smile, making your way into my heart so quickly. I didn’t see it coming. Before i knew it, you became a big part of my life. We were just two teenagers trying to rebuild the world the way we dreamed of. Together. So, we sat there in the dark smoking cigarettes at 5 in the morning.

We shared so many memories. A promise we made to each other. I don’t know if you remember. It probably doesn’t matter but… I do. All of this shaped a part of the person i am today.

If you read this someday, it would mean i finally found the courage to let go of you.

I never knew if our story was real. It felt like it was. To me, at least. But growing up, i couldn’t help and wonder if it ever was. Mabye i’ll never know. But i’ll never forget you.

With love.


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