Thoughts From A Balcony: What would you do if you weren’t afraid ?


There’s still all these unanswered questions swirling in my mind. Two years ago, thanks to my younger brother’s love and bravery, we moved abroad for the first time. We now live on a tiny island, next to Africa. A thing i couldn’t dream of when i was a kid. This experience made me grow and learn a lot about life and myself.

However, last year marked big changes in my life, once again. I always have been the kid with big plans. Always dreaming but never trying to chase my dreams. I’m aware of it.

These past two years were a rollercoaster of emotions. Both good and bad things happened. But one thing is keeping me awake at night. A question i asked myself when i was growing older. A question i’m still asking myself now.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid ?

There’s so many things i can think of. So many things i would do if i was brave enough. I have so many dreams, so many things i wish to accomplish before it’s too late.

If i was brave enough, i finally would buy a one way plane ticket to the UK. I would immerse myself in the british culture like i always dreamed of and settle there for a while. If i had the guts, i would go back to college in order to study something i’m passionate about, graduate and try to get the job of my dreams.

If i had the courage, i’d travel the world and discover new cultures. I’d try new things i always wanted to try. I’d spend my money on experiences instead of material and unnecessary things. I’d try to surf, visit the most beautiful library accross the globe, travel to Columbia, climb mountains, go on hikes, until i finally see Machu Picchu with my very own eyes, and so much more… I’d realise so many of my childhood’s dreams. I think about all of this but then i realise…

What’s stopping you ?

You’re alive. You’re healthy. You’re breathing, standing on your two feet. Every day should be a blessing. Everything going through your mind is just that… It’s all in your head. It means you can control it somehow. You can learn to live with it. Trust me, I know how hard it is but… Fear is only a disability if you let it stop you. Feel the fear running through your bones and do it anyway.

What could go wrong ? You might fail but at least, you would have tried and this, is the biggest acccomplishment. You’re never going to be ready or fearless to do anything. All these feelings you have, good or bad, makes you stronger because you deal with them every single day of your fucking life.

Wake up and chase your dreams. Try, and try again. Fail, and fail again. Try, and fail better. Don’t let the fear stops you from achieving great things. Live your life to the fullest. You’ll only regrets the things you didn’t do in the end.


This is K, signing off.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts From A Balcony: What would you do if you weren’t afraid ?

  1. Ok Miss K,

    You said ‘before it’s too late’. Let me ask you something : what are you afraid of ?
    The most part of your post is very negative, so the end is not convincing me at all ;).
    Yes it is hard to reach our dreams. It takes time, money and energy. But you already know everything about this stuff. the point is, if you don’t make a step, you won’t go anywhere. Few advices about reaching life goals (sorry about being snooty) :
    1 – Think big : have big goals and ambitions in mind. ‘If you don’t reach the moon, you’ll end in the stars’.
    2 – Have a vision : make your life unique and know the way you want to reach your objectives.
    3 – Work hard : as you set big goals and objectives, you’ll have to work very hard to reach them. You will not succeed doing what everyone else is doing.
    4 – Ignore the naysayers : you will meet many negatives people that will tell you that you cannot reach your goals. ‘This is impossible’. Ignore them. Most of them failed their dream because of lazyness. Believe in yourself and make a step.
    5 – Teach what you learned : Teaching is giving back. Sharing is caring. And it makes you grow. Share with those they want to know about your experience.

    Keep in mind that changing is upon to you.

    Next thing about buying useless experiences… Don’t underestimate experience. Maybe you feel it useless, but it is what defines you, what makes you unique. It will help you all your life. A wise man said : between 20 and 30, make all the mistakes and experiences you want, you will gain experience. Between 30 and 40, work very very hard. You have all you need to reach your goals (time money energy and experience). Between 40 and 50, share what you learned. Work for young people. And finally after 50, just enjoy life ;).

    As you told Fear is only a mind thing, don’t give it too much importance.

    Sorry about all my words, but it makes me sad when i see talented sad people. Just trying to share my experience. Maybe i’m not answering all you got in mind, but your thoughts were somehow chaotic :’). If i managed to make you remind something, i will be very happy.

    You will reach you goals ! Just leave the stop bus and start walking the road. The most important thing is to start ! 😉

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