A Sunday Night With Notting Hill.

Dear Strangers of Internet,

(*throat clearing noise*)

This last week has been challenging in a way. My dearest voice chose to hide somewhere and take time to heal on her own. A lot of overthinking happened and all these emotions jostling around inside left me in need of comfort. So, here I am, watching one of my favorites rom-coms ever.

Do I really need to introduce you to one of Richard Curtis masterpieces again ? As if his talented mind wasn’t enough proof of his writing skills, his filmography can attest of that fact. My undying love and admiration for Julia Roberts was born from that movie. Notting Hill influenced so many of my childhood dreams. Even though I was rather young when it came out, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it a hundred times since then…

I used to admire William Thacker’s simple life for a long time. I used to daydream about being the person living in the house with the blue door, owning a bookstore in a neighborhood as lovely as Notting Hill and living a peaceful life. To be honest, I still do. It made me dream as a child and it still does as an adult. But… What happens when you meet someone so unexpectedly, not knowing your life is about to completely change ?

Sunday’s evening is slowly running away from me, leaving me alone in front of my screen, wondering about timing, vulnerability and love. You know, the one with the big L. The one everyone talks about, or so it seems.

“Some people do spend their whole lives together.”

Do they, really ? I’m thinking about it a lot. As much as I would want to think this is possible, I’m not sure it is realistic. But if the possibility of two people meeting and making things work is real, then life has a funny way of messing with the timing of our lives. Don’t you think so ? There’s something Bella said in the movie that I find very accurate. It goes like:

“The more I think about things, the more I see no rhyme or reason in life. no one knows why some things work out and some things don’t […]”. 

The thing is… Things do or don’t work out but when do you decide you want to try and make them work ? When do you decide to put your walls down and choose to be vulnerable when you’re facing the love of your life ? When do you decide to choose happiness, as unrealistic as it could be ? You know, because…

Well, this sunday’s movie session wasn’t as comforting as I thought it would be… This messy post about love is ending there but… If you’re looking for me, you’ll find my pessimistic but weird self cuddle up on the couch with a warm cup of tea while the end’s credits are still rolling.

This is K, signing off.


One thought on “A Sunday Night With Notting Hill.

  1. I’d like to think that the movies are realistic and that we will all find a love that will sweep up off our feet and will work out in the end. I mean obviously not all movies end this way – but my inner romantic wishes real life emulated that!

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