Behind The Lens: “Mrs Sandwoman: Cold feet, Cold heart”.


Dear Strangers of Internet,

Greetings from a tiny island in the middle of the ocean ! 👣

I have a confession to make (again). I’ve been neglecting my hobbies for a while. Since the start of November, I’ve decided to take a step away from the blog and everything I like to do with my free time. I have to admit that it has a lot more to do with my mental health issues than with me being busy as hell.

But, as I was wasting time on social media, I saw a post about the talented Mark Seliger and went to watch his amazing work once again. It gave me so much inspiration. I haven’t been feeling that way for quite some time now. But I’m starting to feel like myself again lately. Or at least I’m trying to. Feet on the sand but always dreaming about what I want to achieve or accomplish in life…

So, why don’t we try to dive back in and swim in the creative ocean the world has to offer, uh ?

I want to introduce a new series called “Behind The Lens” where I’ll post more of my own photography work or the ones I admire. There’s so many talented artists out there. There’s a lot of art projects which deserve to be shared or talked about.

To introduce this new series of post, I’ll start by sharing one of mine. This one is called “Mrs Sandwoman: Cold feet, Cold heart”. 📸 It was taken last year while I was struggling (still) with mental illness. Focusing on my creative process is something that helps me to stay grounded or escape reality for a moment.

(Would I dare call myself an artist ? Hell no.)

If you’re interested in seeing more of my creative work , I also have Flickr account, it’s right there: or you can check out my Instagram.

This is K, signing off.


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