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Hi !

I’m Kelly.

Even if i despise them from time to time, i could use many labels to describe myself. I could say that i’m an Human. A dreamer. An introvert. A weirdo. I could say all that and it would be true. Because, Yes, I am an introvert. I know that I am a weirdo (a little bit too much sometimes) and that’s okay. It’s like i have secret super-powers. But i’m so much more than that. I guess you’ll find out by yourself if you stay around.

I decided to create She Writes Her Words to be able to express myself freely and share things with you, Internet people.

I love a lot of things:

Photography & Travel. Actually, i love to take photographs and create memories. A moment only last for a minute but a photograph lasts forever.

Books & Art. I’m a bookworm. I love to read and to be captured by the story i’m reading. Or the things I’m seeing. I find it amazing to feel things throught art. Let it be music, cinema, photography, paint, sculpture or words. There’s a whole world of emotions to discover.

TV shows & Movies. I love to talk about a good movie or a good tv show with anyone interested in it. It’s always a good thing to exchange your point of view with someone.

I also love to discover and learn about new things, new culture, new artists, etc… I guess you’ll see for yourself when you’ll read what i’ll write about it. I’m curious about anything, really. This might be considered as a flaw but i think it’s a real asset.

That’s pretty much it. You’ll find a mix about all of this on the blog. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

(If you read till the end, congratulations to you !)

See you around.