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Dear Strangers of Internet,

I guess I should introduce myself first, right ? (*deep breath*) My name is K. I’m a young woman aspiring to be a writer and tell the stories her imagination is filling her head with. While it’s pretty easy to find out what my real identity is, being faceless for now is a rather attractive thing to me. So, there’s not much about me you should know.

My relationship with labels is a complicated one. Even if I despise them most of the time,  I still need them to process things. Right now, I guess I could use many labels to describe myself. I could say that I’m a small human. No, really. I’m that tiny. I’m a dreamer (*who isn’t?*). I’m an introvert. Don’t look for me outside, I’m probably in my appartement watching a movie or reading a book. AAAAND I’m what is considered to be a weirdo.

I could say all that and it would be true. I know that I am a weirdo and that’s definitely okay. I like to think it’s like having secret superpowers. Look at me flying around and not giving a damn about it !


I’m so much more than the labels I gave myself. I guess you’ll find out on your own if you keep reading my words but… There’s one thing you really have to know about me. I’m a very private person who doesn’t like to share too much about her life, except from what you can learn or assume about me from reading my posts. What I post on social media or on the blog is only a tiny part of what is happening in real life or what I know I’m sure about sharing with you.

So, I decided to create the blog, She Writes Her Words, to be able to express myself freely and share my own story along with a few other things, with you, Strangers of the Internet. I always had this habit to write down on my diary when I was growing up so writing is a necessity in my day-to-day life.

If words are as important to you as they are to me, then I hope the ones I’ll share with you here will have an impact on your day, at least. Okay ? Let’s start this blogging adventure, then.

This is K, signing off.