Her eyes, her nose, and all her broken bones. Standing in front of the mirror, she could barely see. She was the ghost of the girl she used to be. Her mind kept replaying this vision of horror. « Are you afraid of the dark ? » « Did you lose your spark ? » She was lost. But… At what … More Reflection

La La Land

Oh wow. Words have failed me. There’s so much i want to say. So much. The only thing that makes sense to say right now is that La La Land filled my heart with so much joy, i can’t even handle it. When i was a kid, i dreamed of movies like this. The kind … More La La Land

Your voice.

Your voice. It was your voice. They say the first thing you start to forget about someone is their voice. I’m trying to remember what yours sounds like but it’s all starting to blur in my mind. I’m trying. I close my eyes to keep trying… And i can hear it again. The soft tone … More Your voice.